An issue has been identified around management of Minyaa Plugin from UPM (See the Post and MYAA-1474)
The bug has been raised to Atlassian : JRA-40530

Minyaa Suite

Minyaa Suite



Minyaa Suite is a set of Plugins issued from Kaamelot Plugin
Main features are around Time Tracking and Workflows

Issues: Due

  • Bug MYAA-595 Atlassian Support refuse to install plugin at JIRA Studio 2.1 because of installation errors
  • Request MYAA-966 Documentation is sparce.
  • Bug MYAA-1122 Log Work Function Throwing exception Minyaa core Installed

Issues: 30 Day Summary

Issues: 5 created and 0 resolved

Issues: Updated recently

  • Sub-task MYAA-1556 16/Nov/15 Review License Management to support ApplicationKey
  • Bug MYAA-1555 16/Nov/15 Fragment Portlet fails on Settings Edit (Regression due to 6.4 migration)
  • Sub-task MYAA-1552 16/Nov/15 Report Project Tab Panel is broken

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